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Printed Backdrop With Integrated Projection Screen for Icon Presentations

Our unique Flat Panel System has been a key part of Icon Presentations kit for many years. So, when the audio-visual specialist based in London was looking for a bespoke printed backdrop that would fit two built-in projection screens, that was compatible with their existing Frameset UK Flat Panel system, of course, we could help!



Icon Presentations has been a fan of Frameset UK’s reusable Flat Panel system after purchasing our equipment in 2017. Since then, the team has continued to create backdrops for their clients’ conferences, events and roadshows using our unique system.

Icon Presentations.jpg



To produce a flush design, we created a 11.2m x 3.66m printed backdrop using just one single print with two apertures cut into the print. We were then able to install two rear projection fast fold screens behind the cover, to create the finished look. As the Flat Panel system folds down easily for transport, the whole backdrop was bought to the venue in just one small van. The backdrop was set up early in the morning by a team of three from Frameset UK and then dismantled after the event.

Icon Presentations continue to use the Flat Panel system and projection screens at events across the country, whilst the cover used for this event has since been repurposed.

Recently, we assisted Icon Presentations with a project at the Merchant Taylor’s Hall in London for their client’s symposium. They required a printed backdrop with two built-in large screens to use with their Flat Panel system.


"Thanks for the great work yesterday. The client was very happy!"
Icon Presentations

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