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Event Backdrops for AV & Events Companies 

We’ve been creating memorable event backdrops for AV & Event companies for over 30 years!

We know how busy and demanding your job is, which is why we’ve developed a range of solutions and services to make your life a little easier. From event backdrops using our Flat Panel system, to full set design, our team are on hand to help you exceed your clients’ expectations.

Our Flat Panels are made of aluminium and are much easier to handle than heavy wooden flats, as they only weigh 5kg. They will also save you installation time, as no tools are required. In fact, it only takes a matter of minutes to unfold the frame, put the cover on and install the crossbars!


Event backdrops

Our foldable frames are the ideal solution to your event backdrops, as you only need a small vehicle to transport them and they are easy to store between events, saving you transportation costs and space.

The reusable flat panels go up to 4m tall and are extendable, with a wide range of reversible Lycra covers, printed covers and projection screen covers available, making them the perfect solution for your step and repeat banners.

Event backdrops

Projection Screen System

Our popular projection screen system is designed to fit perfectly with our flat panels, meaning users can adapt the size of the screen to suit each event and don’t have the added cost of having to buy multiple screens!


They're available in rear or front projection, come up to 5m wide and, for added flexibility, are easy to change between 16:9 and 4:3.

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We'd love to help your next event or performance. Contact our team today for more information about our range of event backdrops and products.

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