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Sustainable Backdrops at Frameset UK

Consumers and businesses are actively seeking out more sustainable back drops, which is why we’ve worked hard to develop long-lasting, quality products that not only save you money (as they last!) but are also much better for the environment than alternatives on the market.

Here are just some of the reasons why our products are more sustainable:


All our frames and covers are re-usable!

Our unique Flat Panel system is made from aluminium, so unlike wooden frames, they don’t damage easily in transport. They’re also extendable (vertically and horizontally), which means that you don’t have to make bespoke frames for each event or show, you just extend ours! As a result, you don’t have lots of wood to dispose of when the frame is no longer fit for purpose.

When it comes to our covers, they can either be pulled on like a bedsheet and then used over and over again or attached with Velcro (so no staples – meaning they can be used multiple times).



Our Flat Panel system is lightweight and folds down easily, saving you lots of hassle when handling and transporting them. It’s a win-win situation, as you don’t need such big vehicles to transport them, helping reduce your carbon footprint.


Many alternative products are flimsy and need replacing or re-making. Our frames are robust and last up to 30 years!

Download our Sustainability Policy here.

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