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Stage Design for Schools & Colleges

For over 30 years, we’ve been helping schools and colleges across the UK bring their stage design ideas to life!

We pride ourselves on creating the perfect backdrop to showcase your performances and impress your audience. Our reusable Flat Panel backdrops create an immersive experience that can be easily adapted to suit each performance, becoming a must-have part of your stage design.

Our Flat Panels are safe and easy to install, as no tools are required. They can go up, or fold down into an easy-to-carry bag, in a couple of minutes!

They’re made of lightweight aluminium, making them portable and much easier to store between performances compared to heavy wooden flats.

Stage design
Stage design

We can produce plain reversible Lycra covers, reusable printed covers or projection screen covers, which means it’s easy to change the backdrop to suit each performance.

The flats make a dramatic visual impact and can be incorporated into any stage design. They can go up to 4m tall and can create a set as wide as you want.

Our durable frames last years, making them a very sustainable solution and the perfect investment for many generations of performers.

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