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Flat Panels 

Our unique alternative to traditional stage flats!


Our tried and tested Flat Panel system has been around for over 20 years, saving our customers huge amounts of space and transportation costs, whilst creating stylish looking stage flats that go up and down in minutes.
Our Flat Panels all come with the same frame system, which is bungied aluminium box section that folds out into a panel of any size required and then packs back down very small for transportation and storage, you then just need to decide which type of cover you need (see below).
No more lugging heavy wooden flats around. Because they are made of aluminium, our panels weigh around 5Kg (for an 8’ x 4’ flat) including the framework, crossbars and cover.

"Frameset is a superb addition to our kit, allowing us to pack a lot of set into a small area. It allows us to deliver roadshows with multiple different clients' graphics being used on different days."

Graham Baily 
GB Pro Ltd

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