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Flat Panels with Plain Covers

Our Flat Panels with Plain Covers make the perfect backdrop.


With our nylon Lycra covers, after popping open the frame, you just pull the cover over like a bed sheet, which gives a fantastic looking final product.

All of the covers come reversible as standard – so you can choose any two colours from a choice of 59. Black/silver is our most popular option, but you can choose any two colours you want. Each frames takes about two minutes to open up and cover. 


These flats are available up to 1.5m (5’) wide and up to 4m (13’ 4”) high.

The Daily Lyre.jpg

"We have used Frameset repeatedly, for bespoke projection screens which have been amazing, transparent room dividers and for portable curtain rails. The quality and design is excellent and Gary goes out of his way to be helpful and accommodating. Nothing but praise for this company!"

Mike Sene,
Lord Wandsworth College

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