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Reusable Projection Screen for Lord Wandsworth College 

Lord Wandsworth College required some unusual sized screens that were lightweight and durable for their upcoming drama productions. They were so impressed with Frameset UK's Flat Panel system that they’ve continued to use them daily for 7 years!



Lord Wandsworth College wanted to find a way of projecting seven images onto a huge free-standing curved projection screen for a drama production, with the potential to re-use the screens individually afterwards. After looking at factory built screens, they decided they were too small and they needed to have custom-made screens.


DSCN2446 (1).JPG



After finding Frameset UK on Google, Lord Wandsworth College were immediately impressed with our team, who were extremely helpful and patiently discussed and revised the brief to meet their exact requirements. The screens the team produced are an unusual size, lightweight, easily dismantled and very hard-wearing.


Lord Wandsworth College ordered the projection screens seven years ago and have since ordered transparent screens for virus protection, to re-use as theatre flats, as well as two oversized frames to match the original projection screens to use as curtains.




“I would definitely recommend Frameset UK, for their friendliness, efficiency and excellent products. After seven years, the screens are still immaculate and we use them daily."  Mike Sene - Lord Wandsworth College


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