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8 Things to Get Right for Your Next Step & Repeat Banner

Step & Repeat banners make the perfect backdrop for corporate events, including product launches, award nights and press conferences.

Step & Repeat Banner

Here are our top tips to make an impact with your next Step & Repeat banner:

1) Get the Right Size

The size you need will depend on a few factors, naturally the size of your venue, but also how many people will be standing in front of the banner at any one time.

The banner will need to be large enough to accommodate multiple people in a photo, without being so large that it overwhelms the space.

2) Create a Seamless Banner

It works best having a seamless banner, rather than two smaller banners stuck together with a seam in the middle.

With Frameset, you can join multiple frames behind one print, to make seamless backdrops as long as you need them.

3) Consider Logo Positioning

For your Step and Repeat banner to take centre stage, it’s important it looks good, especially as photos of the event are likely to be in print and online for a long time!

A top tip is to get the logo positioning right, to avoid creating a Step & Repeat banner that looks too cluttered. Make sure the logos are well spaced and repeat in a proper order too.

A good size for a rectangular logo is 9 to 11 inches wide, whereas a square or round logo may look better in 5 to 8 inches, so they are easily visible.

4) Use High Quality Images

One of the biggest mistakes people make when printing their banner is using a low resolution image. This can make your banner look pixelated, blurry and unprofessional.

To make sure your banner looks its best, make sure the images you use are eye-catching and visually appealing and aim for a photo resolution of at least 300 pixels per inch.

5) Pay Attention to Branding

If you're using a Step & Repeat banner for corporate events, it will be key to get your design work and branding right.

Take your corporate colours, fonts and logos and run with them, to ensure a consistent brand identity. It’s worth avoiding colours which are too bright or poorly contrasted with each other, so your logo designs are legible and clear.

6) Choose a Matte Finish

Your Step & Repeat Banner will be providing an important backdrop for the photos. To avoid glare in your photos it’s best to opt for a matte finish, as a high gloss will ruin your pictures.

We find a white background works best to make your logos and images stand out.

7) Easy to Assemble

Make sure your Step & Repeat Banner is easy to set up and take down. Consider using a lightweight, portable frame that can be assembled quickly and easily.

At Frameset, our lightweight aluminium Step & Repeat Banners are quick to assemble, no tools are required, and can fold down very small for easy transportation and storage – perfect if you’re running events up and down the country!

8) Reusability

Sustainability is a big concern for businesses. Getting a Step & Repeat Banner that can be reused for numerous events will save money and be better for the environment.

For a sustainable Step & Repeat banner that works for your business, contact our expert team on 01962 896127, or email


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