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How to Add a Flat Screen TV to Your Event Backdrop

Did you know you can make your conference or event backdrop interactive by easily integrating a TV screen into our Flat Panel system?

How it works

It’s really simple! All you need is our foldable Flat Panel system with bespoke TV screen frame holes. You can attach your cover to our system, in the normal way, and use an additional frame to position the TV from behind. No tools are required, and it's quick to install and dismantle.

What it looks like

Here’s an 8m x 3m backdrop with two screens we produced for Rhino Audio Visual. As you can see from the picture, our solution creates a clean and smooth finish for the client, with no messy wires in sight!

If you would like to integrate a TV screen in your next backdrop, contact our experienced team on 01962 896127 or email


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