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Projection Screen Systems

Frameset UK’s hugely flexible projection screen system allows users to change the size of the required screen from one event to the next without buying multiple projection screens. 

You start with four standard corners – and then use different size horizontal and vertical pieces to create the projection screen size you require.

Available in rear or front projection – up to 16’ / 5m wide. Available in 16:9 or 4:3 and easy to change between the two. The whole system then folds down very small for transportation / storage.

Our standard projection screen set includes a flat panel underscreen, legs, protective bags for all parts and bracing.

The system is designed to fit perfectly with our flat panels – giving you flexible, fantastic looking stage sets that go up and down in minutes.

Fast around.jpg

Fast Around

We also offer a system that works with your existing screens – which we call the “Fast Around”.


"Frameset is a superb addition to our kit, allowing us to pack a lot of set into a small area. It allows us to deliver roadshows with multiple different clients' graphics being used on different days."

Graham Baily 
GB Pro Ltd

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