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Religious Institutions & Church Stage Design

At Frameset, we provide stunning mosque, temple, synagogue and church stage designs that will make a big impact on your congregation and become a great asset when letting out your space to the wider community.

Our reusable Flat Panel system is made from lightweight aluminium and are very easy to transport, unlike traditional heavy wooden flats.

We can produce plain reversible Lycra covers, printed covers or projection screen covers to make your service really stand out.

Church stage design
Church stage design

To complete your church stage design, we can also provide shapes, sails and lecterns with different shaped frontage and plain or graphic covers, these are the perfect addition for all places of worship. Our lecterns are quick to install, with 2 shelves that fit together in just 2 minutes.


Our high-quality frames are the perfect sustainable investment. In fact, they are so durable that they will last years!

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We'd love to help your next performance. Contact our team today for more information about our church stage design and products.

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