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Conference Centres

From small conference centres to large arenas, our experienced team have worked closely with event organisers in both the UK and Europe to help create standout conference sets for their clients.

Our durable Flat Panel system is a great investment for conference centres to keep in-house, as they last over 30 years and can be personalised for each event.

Our flexible Flat Panels are lightweight (only weighing around 5kg) and can be folded down into a simple bag, so you can store your conference sets easily between events, without taking up much space. The set-up is quick - they can go up and down in just 2 minutes.


Conference centre backdrops
Conference centre backdrops

We have a range of reversible Lycra covers that fit flexibly across multiple sizes of frames. They come in a wide choice of 59 colours and are flame retardant and dry cleanable, so can be used time and time again. We can also produce bespoke printed covers for specific client events, which can be installed quickly using Velcro.


Our projection screen systems are particularly popular with conference centres as they can be easily tailored to your clients’ requirements. The system is designed to fit perfectly with our Flat Panel system and is available in rear or front projection and up to 5m wide, making it a must-have part of your conference set.

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