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Euroset - Conference Set in a Box

The Euroset is our portable stage set (complete set in a box) product, made from a slightly smaller aluminium extrusion – making it even lighter than the standard range.

The Euroset is currently available in two sizes, with a 2.4m (8’) wide or 3m (10’) projection screen (with front and/or rear projection surface), one flat panel either side of the screen and one flat panel used as an underscreen to complete the set. The set can be extended with extra panels for larger events.

The panel covers are reversible – available in any two colours from a choice of 59. They can also be utilised with printed covers.

The complete set comes in one easy-to-transport flightcase that fits in a car (not the box featured in the below video) – and the whole thing takes just 10 minutes to put up – giving a fantastic looking and very easy-to-use set.

Liontrust-Euroset with Extra panels.jpg

"We added the Euroset to our hire fleet and have been impressed with both the ease of assembly and the longevity of the quality construction. Clients like the smart finish and the reversible covers add flexibility. We have now added a second unit and are looking at converting all of our stock to Frameset."

Brian Tennent
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