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5 Top Tips for Running a Sustainable Event

Naturally, sustainability is becoming a big deal when it comes to running events. Businesses now aspire to run sustainable events and guests want to attend them.

At Frameset, we're dedicated to assisting our clients in making their events more sustainable. Here are five ways to achieve this goal.

1) Reusable backdrops

Using a different backdrop for every event creates a lot of waste, not to mention it costs you time and money.

At Frameset, we are proud to offer sustainable aluminium frames that can be reused for any event. Unlike traditional wooden flats, which can become easily damaged and need replacing, our lightweight frames are durable and last over 30 years.

2) Foldable backdrops

Large fixed frames can be difficult to transport, requiring a large van or lorry.


Our frames are ideal as they conveniently fold down easily into a bag for easy transportation and handling. By fitting compactly into the boot of your car or in a small van, there’s no need for big vehicles and you reduce your carbon footprint too!


3) Sustainable partners

It’s worth spending time researching suitable suppliers, who can help you deliver a sustainable event. This can include venues and event suppliers.

At Frameset UK, we take pride in offering high-quality, sustainable products that not only save you money (as they last!) but are also durable and much better for the environment than alternatives on the market.

sustainable event supplier


4) Waste reduction initiatives

Explore ways to reduce waste and make your event run smoothly.

Unlike other frames, our durable frames are built to last, so there’s no need for replacements, or waste associated with frames fit for the bin.

Plus, our high quality event backdrops with printed covers can be reused time and time again for all your events! We also aim to recycle any covers no longer required, wherever possible.

5) Energy-efficient lighting


Choose energy-efficient lighting whenever possible. This may be another factor to consider when choosing your venue or supplier, as the right lighting is key to staging success.

Energy-efficient LED lights are great for diverse coloured lighting effects. Low wattage bulbs consume less energy so are ideal for extended events requiring constant lighting. Choose energy-efficient lighting that makes your staging and event stand out.

For a sustainable solution for your next event, contact our expert team on 01962 896127, or email


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