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Get Ready for Conference Season With the Perfect Event Backdrop!

Time is moving quickly and it’s already time to start preparing for conference season!

If you’re on the hunt for a new backdrop, we’ve put together some key questions to help you choose the right one - and never fear, our team of experts are always here to help you find the perfect backdrop for your next event.

Is the backdrop lightweight?

Lugging heavy wooden frames around isn’t great for your back! So at Frameset, we definitely recommend using lightweight backdrops! They are portable and much easier to handle.

We offer aluminium frames which weigh around 5Kg, including the framework, crossbars and cover. Making them easy to transport and reuse at different conferences.

Is the backdrop easy to install?

Having high quality, quick to install backdrops can make all the difference when setting up and trying to stick to a busy schedule.

Our frames go up, or fold down, in under a minute! And what’s even better, no tools are required! Our friendly team can even design, plan, install and de-rig your complete set for you – to make your life easier!

Can the backdrop compact down?

Big bulky frames can be hard to transport and store, which makes it very tricky to manage, especially if you are attending multiple conferences.

Our foldable frames compact down easily, making them easy to store and transport. Even transportation costs will be lower, as the backdrop simply fits in the boot of a car, no vans are required!

Will the backdrop make an impact?

There’s a fine balance between creating a striking backdrop and one that is distracting for the audience. Making the most of your space and choosing the right size backdrop will make all the difference. If you are opting for printed covers, select designs, colours and high resolution images that will match your branding and impress your clients.

Frameset’s extremely popular backdrops are adaptable and can be easily extended to suit different venues. They can be paired with our popular range of reversible Lycra covers, which come in a wide choice of 59 colours, or our projection or printed covers, produced to your requirements, to make a big impact.

Is the backdrop sustainable?

Being eco-friendly is a top priority for many businesses. Lots of backdrops and covers on the market are easily damaged and only suitable for a single use. Unfortunately this leads to a lot of waste, with materials that are only fit for the skip.

Our backdrops are built to last over 30 years, making them a very sustainable solution, saving you money on repairs and replacements. Similarly, our high quality covers can be reused again and again.

Get the perfect event backdrop

Carefully selecting the right backdrop for your event,will leave a lasting impression on your audience and show them what sets your products or services apart.

For more inspiration - check out this customised backdrop

We created this impressive backdrop for the Electric Vehicle Charging Summit at the Fishmonger’s Hall in London last year, organised by Icon Presentations and they were thrilled with the results!

The 3.6m x 8.5m single print, seamless backdrop includes a 16:9 projection screen aperture built in.

It’s a great example of how our backdrops can be customised, with a built-in projection screen aperture to make a big impact!

For more details about our backdrops and how we can help, call us on 01962 896127 or email


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