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Our Flat Panels Are So Reliable They Travel the World!

Frameset UK's backdrops are so lightweight and easy to compact down that they have travelled to events as far as the Philippines!

Our aluminium Flat Panels only weigh around 5kg and hardly take up any space when folded down, making them so easy to travel on a plane with.

Even travelling to and from the airport is no trouble, as the frames fit easily into the boot of a car, so there’s no need for a van!

Once you’re at your destination, the set-up is stress-free, as our Flat Panels can go up and down in 2 minutes - and no tools are required! You don’t need to lug a heavy tool kit around with you or have the added cost at baggage check-in.

Our Flat Panels are built to last over 30 years, making them a very sustainable solution. They can be paired with our popular range of reversible Lycra covers, which come in a wide choice of 59 colours, or our projection or printed covers, produced to your requirements. Making it simple to create a bespoke changeable look at your event, without the need to transport multiple frames.

If you have an event coming up, our expert team is here to help. Contact us on 01962 896127, or email


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