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Traditional Wooden Stage Sets vs. Frameset’s Flat Panel System

Although at first glance, wooden stage sets may appear like the cheaper option, they don’t always make a good long-term investment. We take a look at why customers are making the shift away from heavy wooden flats towards more versatile modern solutions and find out why Frameset’s innovative flat panels are so popular with our customers:

Wooden stage sets are…


Traditional wooden stage flats are hard to handle and manoeuvre. They’re extremely heavy and often need more than one person to set them up, which requires additional staff and costs more in resources.

Hard to transport

Rigid wooden frames do not fold down. As a result, they take up a lot of space, making them difficult to transport, especially when you have a lot of kit.

Transporting them in small vehicles is not an option, so you have to use large vans which are more costly to run.

Moving the sets also becomes an issue, as they won’t fit in an elevator, or through narrow doorways.


Wooden stage sets come in fixed sizes. It’s hard to extend them easily, they are the size they are. This means they cannot be adapted for different venue sizes or events and are often single use only.

Hard to store

The large wooden frames require a lot of storage space, or a big warehouse if you have several sets.

Damage easily

Wooden frames get damaged easily in transit, meaning they often need replacing after the event, as they’re no longer safe or fit for purpose.

Costly to maintain

Repair work for damaged wooden stage flats can be expensive and causes delays and disruption to your schedule whilst repair work is completed.

Not sustainable

Wooden frames damage easily and are costly to repair or adapt to suit other events. This means unlike more sustainable materials, they cannot be reused over a long time period and there is a lot of wood to dispose of at the end of its short life cycle, which has a negative impact on the environment.

Frameset’s stage sets are…

High quality

Our durable frames are well tested, come with fantastic customer reviews and last over 30 years!


Our lightweight aluminium panels weigh around 5Kg (for an 8’ x 4’ flat) including the framework, crossbars and cover. Meaning there’s no more lugging heavy wooden flats around, our sets are easy to install and only need 1 person to set up.

No tools required

Our flat panels are fast to assemble, they go up, or fold down, in just minutes. What’s even better, no tools are required!


Our flat panels fold down, making them the ideal solution to store, transport and manoeuvre. Their reduced size means they can fit easily in the back of a car, which saves money, as vans and larger vehicles are no longer required.


All of our covers are reusable, which means they can be swapped easily between uses. You can choose plain Lycra, printed or projection material, giving you a solution for every kind of event.


Our durable frames and covers are reusable and much better for the environment than alternatives on the market.

As our frames fold down easily and fit in a car, it not only reduces your costs (as no van is required), but your carbon footprint too!

Excellent value for money

Our robust frames are a reliable cost-effective investment, which will see you save money on repairs and replacements. Our stage sets are also available for hire.

At Frameset, we provide a full hassle-free service and can design, plan, install and de-rig your complete set for you. To get a free quote, contact our team on 01962 896127 or email


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