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Transforming Event Spaces: Recent Backdrop Projects by Frameset UK

At Frameset UK, we've been busy creating memorable backdrops and transforming event spaces across London. Here’s a glimpse into our recent projects and what we’ve been up to:

Preqin’s Event with Go Live

Now this is what we call a backdrop! We partnered with the amazing team at Go Live to deliver a stunning setup for Preqin’s event in London. The backdrop featured two 2.8m x 3.6m prints and one impressive 5m x 1.4m print.

From bespoke prints to frame hire, delivery, installation, and de-rigging, Frameset UK ensured a seamless experience, allowing our clients to focus on the event's success.

Icon Presentations at Drapers Hall

We transformed the event space at Drapers Hall with a striking 6m x 3m printed backdrop for our long-standing client, Icon Presentations. The backdrop served as a captivating focal point, enhancing the ambiance of the venue and providing an elegant backdrop for the event.

Accelerate Conference at BAFTA

Our collaboration with Go Live continued at the prestigious BAFTA event space in central London for Accelerate, BVCA's flagship conference.

Frameset UK handled the creation and installation of an impressive 7m x 1.4m printed underscreen, ensuring a visually engaging setup that complemented the event's prestigious atmosphere.

Birthday Step and Repeat in Southampton

Transforming events is our specialty! We designed and installed our flat panel solution with printed covers for a birthday party in Southampton, creating a stunning Step and Repeat Banner.

Our comprehensive service included everything from initial design concepts to seamless installation and de-rigging, ensuring a hassle-free experience for the hosts.

 Dorchester Event with Perception Live

We recently collaborated with Perception Live to create a show-stopping 15m x 4m printed backdrop for an event at the iconic Dorchester in London. The impressive backdrop provided a striking focal point at this stunning London venue, showcasing Frameset UK’s commitment to delivering high-quality solutions and service.


Do you have an event or conference coming up that you need help with? Contact out team here to find out more about our sustainable backdrop solutions.

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