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Mixed Material Backdrop for Q Creative

From studio backdrop to garden fence, Frameset UK produced a sustainable, mixed material backdrop for Q Creative.



Events and media agency, Q Creative, approached Frameset UK with a short-notice request to design and install a one-off backdrop at the East London Film Studios.


We created this stunning mixed material backdrop with a combination of our reusable Flat Panel system and British Western Red Cedar. 


The team were given ½ a day to build and install this backdrop at the film studios in London. They started the project 5:30am and completed it before 12pm the same day, which allowed enough time for television equipment to be set up. The artwork for the backdrop was received the week before and was printed and finished in a few days.

When creating one-off set designs for clients like this, we try to reduce waste by repurposing the materials after the event or production. Once filming was complete, the wood used on the backdrop was recycled into a fence and a pagoda. The printed cover used on the Flat Panel system was returned to our offices for repurposing whilst the Flat Panel system can be reused at future events.



"Gary and the team were amazing to work with onsite! Thank you so much for the great looking set!"
Chris - Q Creative

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